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College Features

College Features syndicates
crossword puzzles, The National Challenge, Ask Dr. Bicycle, and other features. 

Our syndicated features have appeared in The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune,
The New York Daily News, The Dallas News, and dozens of other American newspapers.

College Features will provide FREE syndicated features
to college newspapers beginning next year.

These include:

Free Crossword Puzzles (daily 15 x 15 size!)

Free Contests

Free Comic Strips

Free Commentary

Interested?  Email:
and send two samples of your publication to the address below.

Are you a creator who wants to syndicate his or her features?

Send samples to:

College Features
PO Box 1503
New York, NY 10021

Because of the volume of mail received, samples cannot be returned or acknowledged. 
We will contact you by telephone if we are interested in syndicating your feature.