'What Happened to the Linotype?'
Strauss, Aron Claim Class of 1974
Cornell Sun Alums Can Still Write

   ITHACA, N.Y., May 9, 2004 -- Succumbing to unrelenting pressure from the Class of '74 Reunion Committee, Barry Strauss and Maia Licker Hauser Aron agreed this month to serve as Cornell Daily Sun Affinity Partners (SAPs).

    Immediately upon their agreement, Strauss and Licker Hauser Aron received an information booklet on how to phone, write and email Sun alumni and encourage them to attend the reunion events June 10-13, 2004, and to make gifts to the Reunion Campaign.

    "I don't know how I feel about this directive," said Licker Hauser Aron, whose last major decision involved selecting a last name. "As a student I wondered why most of the money they raised went to paving the Arts Quad. Now, I just don't know. Just don't know."

    "But I do know," retorted Strauss. "Sun alums should attend. If not, they will lose touch with our common history," he said. Strauss is a professor of history at Cornell. "Anyway, they've already paved the Arts Quad. Now the money will surely go to a more important cause, such as undergraduate scholarships."

    When pressed as to whether he didn't really want to see the money going to faculty salaries, Strauss denied that officially. When reminded of the Sun motto, "Never believe a rumor until it is officially denied," Strauss said that, to the best of his knowledge, he had never heard of The Cornell Daily Sun.

    Strauss and Licker Hauser Aron ultimately determined that it would be advisable for as many Sun alums as possible to attend, in order to see the Sun's new permanent home at 139 West State Street .

   There will be an open house on Saturday, June 12, from 5pm - 7 pm, following a reception at Willard Straight Hall from 2pm - 4 pm. 

   A high-level, eyes-only Day-Hall document, which Charles Sennett '74 said that he just happened to find in his briefcase, detailed a host of other reunion activities on the Ithaca campus, which is at its sunny best in June.

   This document can be found at http://www.alumni.cornell.edu/orgs/classes/1974/upcoming_events.html.

    In addition, the SAP's decided that individuals should feel free to support the Cornell or Cornell related activities (such as The Cornell Daily Sun!) that they may prefer. They said that the easiest way to find more information about reunion, to register, and even to make a gift to Cornell, is to log on to http://reunion.alumni.cornell.edu/.

   The Sun's alumni web page is www.cornellsun.org. They also said that they would be very happy to hear from any and all '74 Sun alums, and would appreciate e-mail addresses of other '74 Sun alums not on the list above.