The Cornell Daily Sun  
Alumni Association

"I found [the new Cornell Daily Sun Building] awesome. 
When I walked in and saw the quarters for the permanent employees and the advertising manager,
 I felt this was a setup that many small newspapers would envy. 
Then I went upstairs and saw the newsroom and production facilities. Wow. 
And, of course, the space for the library fully lives up to what I was led to expect. 
I am very proud to have helped make this possible and only wish I had been involved earlier."
-- Stanley E. Cohen '41

The Cornell Daily Sun Alumni Association
is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. 
Hence, contributions are tax-deductible (Speak with your tax advisor for details).

Contributions are used to finance the purchase and improvement
of the new Sun Building on State Street in Ithaca,
and for scholarships, awards,
and various other activities 
benefiting America's Oldest Independent College Daily.

Contributions by check can be sent to:

The Cornell Daily Sun Alumni Association
PO Box 876
Ithaca, NY 14851-0876

Gifts of appreciated stock can be sent to the office of Charles Schwab, 
either by personal delivery at any Charles Schwab office or with the following instructions:

Please DTC the following securities [e.g., 20,000 shares of  IBM]
to Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.,
a/c #1101-8230, in the name of The Cornell Daily Sun Alumni Association, Inc.
DTC Clearing 0164, Code 40.

Gifts can also be made by bequest or life-income agreements.

And gifts can be of appreciated real property.

Questions?  Contact

Stan Chess '69 -- 212-861-8048 

Chris Mitchell '05 -- 914-656-8209