The Cornell Daily Sun

Marc S. Lacey '87   
Ravi Srivastava '87   
Business Manager
Leslie Postal '87   
Managing Editor
Samantha Shubert '87   
Associate Editor
Stephanie Brickner '88   
Advertising Manager

Bonnie M. Deutsch '87   
Assistant Managing Editor
Dina Vitkauskas '87   
Associate Managing Editor
Jayne Gilbert '88   
Circulation Manager
Toni Monkovic '87   Sports Editor
Melissa Beisheim '88    Co-Photography Editor
 Lance Benner '87   
Co-Photography Editor
David S. Patch '88
    Assistant Sports Editor
Lisa Jennis '89   
Assistant Advertising Manager
Karen Skolnick '87   
Senior Manager
Jacob Sullum '87    Senior Editor
Wendy Wagner '87    Senior Editor


This list is provisional and incomplete.
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