The Cornell Daily Sun

Jeff Lampe '89   
Matthew Rubins '90   
Business Manager
Sara-Ellen Amster '89   
Managing Editor
Steven Weinstein '89   
Associate Editor
Andrea Fierro '89   
Advertising Manager

Steven Frank '89   
Assistant Managing Editor
Keith Eisner '89   
Associate Managing Editor
Valerie Sprenz '90   
Circulation Manager
Toby Dorsey '89    Sports Editor
James Leynse '89    Photography Editor
Matt Kleinerman '89   
Review Editor
Steven Becker '89    Assistant Sports Editor
Chris Turcotte '89
    Assistant Sports Editor
Toby Kizner '90   
Assistant Advertising Manager
David Abramowitz '89   
Senior Editor
Daniel M. Gross '89    Senior Editor
Colleen M. Kaplin '89    Senior Editor
Vinod Subramaniam '89    Senior Editor


This list is provisional and incomplete.
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