The Cornell Daily Sun
117th Editorial Board

Farhad Manjoo 00 Editor in Chief

Amanda F. Soule 00 Business Manager

Sarah Jane Striffler 00 Managing Editor

Matthew Laflin 00 Associate Editor

Louise E. Pullin 01 Advertising Manager

Michael Sharp 00 Sports Editor

Salil Gupte 01 Assistant Managing Editor

Dena Zigun 00 Photography Editor

Sarah E. Cupp 01 Arts and Entertainment Editor

Brian Kennedy 01 Web Manager

Nicole M. Neroulias 01 Associate Managing Editor

Jeffrey M. Fine 02 Circulation Manager

Dave Thomas 00 Assistant Sports Editor

J. V. Anderton 01 Assistant Sports Editor

Jason Weinstein 01 Associate Arts and Entertainment Editor

Amy N. Schwab 02 Assistant Advertising Manager

Sean Copeland 00 Senior Editor

Jeanine Foote 00 Senior Manager

Mark Hale 00 Senior Editor

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