The Cornell Daily Sun
118th Editorial Board

Aron B. Goetzl 01   Editor in Chief
Louise E. Pullin 01   Business Manager
Salil A. Gupta 01   Managing Editor
Navneet K. Gill 01   Associate Editor
Abhijit Pal 02   Advertising Manager

J.V. Anderton 01   Sports Editor     
Andrew Fiore 02   Web Editor
Jamie M. Cheung 01   Photography Editor
Sara Katz 02   Arts & Entertainment Editor
David Stern 01   Circulation Manager
Christen Aragoni 02   News Editor
Andrew Gelfand 02   News Editor
Yoni Levine 02   News Editor
Shiva Nagaraj 02   Assistant Sports Editor
Charles Persons 02   Assistant Sports Editor
Amy N. Schwab 02   Assistant Advertising Manager
Stephanie Jones 01   Senior Editor
David Kaplan 01   Senior Editor
Nicole M. Neroulias 01   Senior Editor
Jason Weinstein 01   Senior Editor

This list is provisional and incomplete.
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