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We Put the Law in Law School'
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LSAT Books and Materials


PreLaw School


And More LSAT


Law School Confidential  
Robert H. Miller 

Law School Insider 
Jeremy B. Horwitz

How to Get Into the Top Law Schools 
Richard Montauk

How to Get Into Harvard Law School 
Willie J. Epps

Planet Law School 
Atticus Falcon

Law School Admissions Adviser 
Ruth Lammert-Reeves

One L: The Turbulent True Story of a First Year at Harvard Law School 
Scott Turow

Essays That Will Get You Into Law School 
Daniel Kaufman, et al.

Essays That Worked for Law Schools 
Boykin Curry (Editor)

African American Pre-Law School Advice Guide 
Evangeline M. Mitchell

So You Want to Be a Lawyer

Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools 
Wendy Margolis (Editor)

Looking at Law School 
Stephen Gillers (Editor)

Barron's Guide to Law Schools 

Complete Book of Law Schools 
Eric Owens

How to Succeed in Law School 
Gary A. Munneke

Law Schools 2002 
Peterson's Guides (Editor)


Official LSAT PrepTests: 
10 Actual

Official LSAT Prep Test 
With Explanations

Master the LSAT 
Jeff Kolby, Scott Thornburg

Kaplan's LSAT 2003 

10 More Actual Official LSAT PrepTests

LSAT Success 
Thomas O. White

30 Days to the LSAT (ARCO) 
Mark Alan Stewart, Frederick J. O'Toole

LSAT 2002 (ARCO) 
Thomas H. Martinson

How to Prepare for the LSAT (Barron's) 
Jerry Bobrow

The Best Test Preparation for the LSAT 
Robert K. Burdette

Arco's 30 Days to the LSAT 
Mark Alan Stewart, Frederick J. O'Toole

30 Days to the LSAT (Arco) 
Mark Alan Stewart, Frederick J. O'Toole

Pass Key to the LSAT 
Jerry Bobrow 

Supreme Court Books


Law School Plus

Law School Bumper Stickers 

Rulers & Magnets

Law School T-Shirts 

LSAT Advantage, With Prof.  Dave 
David Scalise

2 Real LSATs Explained (Kaplan)

LSAT --  The Official TriplePrep Plus

Cracking the LSAT -- 2003 (Princeton Review) 

LSAT 180 (Kaplan) 
Eric Goodman

Master the LSAT (Nova) 
Jeff Kolby, Scott Thornburg

Higher Score -- GRE, GMAT & LSAT (Kaplan) 

LSAT 2003 (Kaplan)

Cliffs TestPrep LSAT 
Peter Z. Orton

LSAT Success (Peterson's) 
Thomas O. White, Mark Moscowitz

How to Prepare for the LSAT 
Karl Weber

LSAT Supercourse (Arco) 
Thomas H. Martinson

CliffsTestPrep LSAT 
Peter Z. Orton

LSAT Testbuster

GRE/LSAT Logic Workbook (Arco) 
Mark Alan Stewart

The LSAT: Real World Intelligence (Bigwig Briefs) 

LSAT Reading Comprehension (Arco) 
Mark Alan Stewart

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