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Medical School 
Admission Requirements

Essays That Will Get You 
Into Medical School
Daniel Kaufman, et al.

Medical School Admissions Adviser 
Maria Lofftus, Thomas C. Taylor

From High School to Med School 
Ashish Raju, Jason Yanofski

Getting In: 
How Not to Apply to Medical School
Paul Jung

Insider's Guide to Medical Schools 
Ivan Oransky, et al.

Getting Into Medical School 
Sanford J. Brown

Getting Into Medical School Today 
Scott H. Plantz, et al.

The High School Doctor: 
Accelerated/Combined Medical Programs

Game Plan for Getting Into Medical School 
Cathy S. Jewell

Guide to Medical and Dental Schools 
Saul Wischnitzer, Edith Wischnitzer

A Guide to Medical School Admission 
William G. Byrd

Medical School Admissions Adviser 
Maria Lofftus, et al.

Complete Book of Medical Schools 2002 
Malaika Stoll

Complete Book of Medical Schools 2003
Malaika Stoll

Medical School: 
Getting In, Staying In,
Staying Human 
Keith Russell Ablow

U.S. and Canadian Medical Schools  

The Complete Medical School 
Preparation and Admissions Guide
Andrew Goliszek

Applying to Medical School 
for the Non-Traditional Student
Bryan Goss, et al.

Medical School From High School: 
Early Admissions
A.M. Ilyas

Future MD: Honest Advice From Medical School Students to Medical School Applicants 
Aashish R. Parikh

Getting Into Medical School Today 
Scott H. Plantz, et al.

Getting Into Medical School: 
A Planning Guide for Minority Students
Edward J. James (Editor)

Insider's Guide to Medical School Admissions 
Rolando Stephen Toyos

Insiders' Guide to Medical Schools 
Ian Urmston, Simon Calvert

Insiders' Guide to Medical Schools 2002-03 
Ian Urmston (Editor)

Medical School Admission Success! 
Stanley Zaslau


The Med School Survival Guide 
Jennifer Danek, M.D.

How to Excel in Medical School 
Norma S. Saks, et al. 

A Not Entirely Benign Procedure: 
Four Years as a Medical Student
Perri Klass

Harvard Med: The Story Behind America's Premier Medical School 
John Langone

First, Do No Harm 
Lisa Belkin

Becoming a Doctor: 
A Journey of Initiation to Medical School
Melvin J. Konner

Medical School Companion: 
The Ultimate to Excelling in Medical School

Boys in White: 
Student Culture in Medical School
Blanche Geer, et al.

2002 Pfizer Medical School Manual 
Mike Magee

Innovation Processes in Medical Schools 
Margaret N. Bussigel, Barbara M. Baransky, Gary G. Grenholm

Innovators in Physician Education 
Robert H. Ross, Harvey V. Fineberg

Intimate Relationships in Medical School: 
How to Make Them Work
Michael F. Myers

Insider's Book of Medical School Lists 

White Coat: 
Becoming a Doctor at Harvard Medical School
Ellen Lerner Rothman

Medical School Is Murder: 
A Ben Candidi Mystery
Dirk Wyle

Clinical Medical Ethics 
David C. Thomasma, Patricia A. Marshall, Diane Kondratowicz

Coping in Medical School 
Bernard Virshup

Keys to the Asylum: 
A Dean, a Medical School, and Academic Politics
Daniel K. Bloomfield

Military Physicians: 
Dod's Medical School & Scholarship Program



Life After Medical School 
Leonard Laster (Editor)

From Medical School to Residency 
Roger P. Smith

How to Choose a Medical Specialty 
Anita D. Taylor

MCAT Books 

MCAT Essentials 
Daniel Roth

Guide to Medical School and the MCAT 
David A. Hacker, Kenneth Ibsen

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